Contract Packing Areas of Expertise

A range of Contract Packing and Contract Manufacturing services are provided to meet any outsourcing requirement. With over 55 production lines, flexible machinery and a highly skilled workforce, LJM has the scope and capacity to deliver an extensive range of services with a fast turn-around.

Automatic Cartoning

Automatic Cartoning for products including sachets, doy pouches, biscuits, confectionary bars, cans, trays, frozen product, chilled goods and cereals, all in single or multi-sample formats. Options include:

  • Top load carton
  • End load or skillet carton
  • RSC cartons

Automatic Label Application

  • Wrap around labels
  • Front and / or back labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Compliance labels including both import and export
  • Barcode, TUN, SSCC print and application on-line

Automatic Multi-Packing

LJM can solve any multi-packing requirement utilising a range of auto and manual solutions including

  • Cardboard wrap or cluster
  • Printed or clear shrink film
  • Twin packs through to bulk multi-packs
  • Single or mixed variant
  • Retail packaging formats include cans, tubs, tetra, pouches and bottles
  • Materials utilised include glass, PET, HDPE, aluminium and steel

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Application

Applications include clear or printed on PET and OPS films for glass, cans or plastic containers either pre or post filling.

  • Decorative labels
  • Tamper proofing
  • Sleeved Multi-packs
  • Steam and radiant (hot air) tunnels

Automatic Shrink Wrapping

  • Clear and printed films
  • LDPE and polyolefin films
  • Individual finished good lines, multi-packs, picking units or transport formats
  • L-Bar
  • Bundle wrap
  • Tray and shrink solutions

Bagging, Weighing and Filling

Bagging weighing and filling into clear or printed films

  • Multi-head and linear counting and weighing
  • Vertical form fill and seal (VFFS)
  • Flow wrapping
  • Doy pouch
  • Dry container filling
  • Pyramid teabag manufacture including sachet insertion if required

Blister Packing

  • Auto blister packing
  • HFW (High Frequency Welding)
  • Clam shell packing

Cold Chain Compliant Co-Packing

All of LJM’s sites have significant cold chain infrastructure comprising large refrigeration and freezer rooms. With BRC accreditation of cold chain packing solutions, LJM is able to offer a full range of value-add contract packing services for all climate controlled, refrigerated and frozen product.

Climate Control

  • 14-18 degrees
  • Products include confectionery, biscuits and ESL items
  • Co-packing performed in a clean and controlled environment


  • 1-4 degrees
  • Products include dairy, small goods and chilled beverages


  • Minus 18 to minus 25 degrees
  • Products include ice-creams, frozen baked goods and IQF product

Display Stands, GWP and Manual Assembly

In addition to automated projects, LJM provides a complete range of solutions and services including full general assembly. Services include:

  • Gondola end displays
  • Rainbow pallets
  • Display stands
  • Towers
  • Gift boxing, Gift With Purchase and VAP projects

Inventory management

LJM operates a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Features and benefits include:

  • All inward goods are scanned into the system enabling tracking and traceability of stock and components from arrival to dispatch.
  • WIP is tracked via FIFO, product code, date code or batch code, all of which can be interfaced with client and freight carriers.
  • Industry compliant labels for Coles, Woolworths, Costco and Aldi including APN, TUN and SSCC are generated.
  • Real time up-to-date production information and stock take data is available at any time.


LJM works closely with clients in the development of NPD. Whether the job is for a short-term launch activity or a long-term requirement, LJM is uniquely positioned to find the right solution to meet marketing, production and financial objectives. Services include:

  • Consulting on packaging formats and materials.
  • Development of bespoke equipment.
  • Providing options for in-store presentation.
  • On-site trials for packaging function and transport stability.

Product recovery

LJM provide an extensive range of product recovery services to clients when they encounter an internal manufacturing issue. This may include:

  • Check weighing
  • X-Ray and metal detection
  • Tap tone testing
  • Sorting
  • Over labelling, repacking or compliance coding

Shelf ready packing

  • Automated and manual tray and hood packing
  • Auto tray and shrink
  • Perforated shelf ready cartoning
  • All packaging formats including RSC, wraparound, interlock and crash lock base
  • Taped, glued or folded construction

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