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What is co-packing?

Contract Packing is defined as the outsourcing of a packing or rework requirement for a product prior to its manufacture or sale. Companies engage in co-packing when the task cannot be performed inhouse due to a lack of machinery, capacity, labour, expertise or when speed to market is required.

Why use a co-packer?

Outsourced co-packing provides solutions for a range of in-house production challenges including:

Inability to cost effectively implement an in-house solution

Difficulty accessing labour, expertise or the machinery necessary to perform a task

Meeting shelf ready formats of differing retail customers

Accumulation of stock to create mixed variant packs

Speed to market transactions

NPD entry to market prior to internal capital expenditure

Space constraints

Difficulty identifying, training and retaining a skilled workforce

Customers & Products

LJM services blue-chip manufacturers, multinational FMCG companies, local manufacturers and brand custodians. All types of FMCG products are packed or handled such as canned food, confectionary, alcohol, tea and coffee, dairy and frozen foods, personal care products, sauces and condiments and bottled water. The majority of items processed by LJM are found in major retail stores including Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Costco, independents, P&C and Food Service. Some are also reworked for export. Markets serviced by LJM include Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, South East Asia, Middle East, USA, UK and Europe.

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