COVID-19 Business Procedures

LJM is an essential FMCG service provider supplying the major Australian Supermarkets with staple products including Coles Essential packs to the elderly, NDIS & Concession card holders, Bread, Frozen Meals, Infant Formula, Canned Goods and Beverages. As such we are committed to continued production to support our Essential Provider trading partners and the supply of Major FMCG Retailers.

As an ISO 45001 OH&S accredited company, the health and safety of staff, clients and suppliers is our number one priority. We also recognise these are unprecedented times and that the situation is ever changing as we have seen in Victoria with a second Covid-19 wave.

With this in mind, and to ensure we have appropriate health and safety practices in place, LJM has sought and will continue to seek, Australian Government Department of Health and independent professional medical advice in regards to COVID-19, we are also communicating and sharing ideas with our trading partners and researching successful measures that have been implemented in manufacturing facilities around the world.

On 11.08.2020 LJM were visited by members of the Dandenong Police Force who were conducting random inspections of operating businesses in the Dandenong South Industrial sector. The officers visualised our temperature checks, social distancing, PPE, cleaning & sanitising processes and written procedures including essential visitor & contractor requirements. On completion of the visit the officers were extremely complimentary of the efforts put in place by LJM & made no recommendations for additional procedures.

The Covid-19 procedures implemented and current within the LJM structure:

  • On 17.03.202 LJM contracted a Nurse to undertake daily temperature checks, symptom checks, and commenced recording and monitoring all patient data. This procedure continues on a daily basis with all data retained.
  • In August 2020 LJM appointed a new Full-Time position of “Covid Compliance Officer” to oversee and monitor the LJM Covid-19 procedures and implementations.
  • LJM has purchased a sanitising mist sprayer. This unit produces a “sanitising fog” which is used to cleanse a work area, if an employee in an area is diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • A procedure has been written and a mock response conducted for a positive COVID-19 case.
  • Full segregation between Americain way and Prosperity way sites.
  • LJM have cancelled all on site visits by all non-critical, non-essential external visitors and this will remain in force until the crisis has fully passed and all Government imposed restrictions have been lifted.
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory for all staff and essential visitors.
  • Additional hand sanitising stations have been placed in all facilities.
  • LJM has and continues to conduct refresher training for all staff, reiterating the importance of cleanliness and hygiene standards as well as informing staff on how to monitor their own health and the symptoms to be aware of.
  • The cleaning and sanitising schedule has been increased in all facilities, with a focus on lunch and bathrooms.
  • A work from home policy has been introduced including Finance, Administration and Customer Service who wherever possible are working from home.
  • The change-over period between day and afternoon shifts has been extended by 15 minutes to avoid interaction
  • All production lines have been reworked to ensure appropriate social distancing
  • Lunch breaks have been spread across four time slots
  • Internal office staff have been repositioned across sites to increase social distancing and to mitigate any potential future impact on any one department or facility.
  • LJM have banned all non-essential employee travel.
  • Internal meetings have been converted into electronic formats.
  • Staff are grouped into teams which work together and take breaks together as a group limiting interaction with other staff, while remaining focussed on social distancing.
  • Inwards goods and despatch now restrict driver entry to facility to enforce social distancing and truck segregation.
  • Time and Attendance software allows for tracking of staff site location.
  • Staff line attendance is recorded for potential tracing purposes
  • Management continue to take feedback from the LJM team regarding their feelings, concerns and confidence in the systems and procedures we have implemented.

LJM will monitor COVID-19 updates on a daily basis and continue to review and implement additional measures that can be put in place to provide a safe and clean environment for all in LJM’s facilities. If you have any questions, please email our National Technical Manager Mark Moresby on

LJM Operations Manager Bernie Jamieson undergoing
his daily temperature and wellness check

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